Panamerican Farms, established in California, represents the commercial part of a few vertically-integrated farms and companies that export/import world-class fresh produce from/to the United States of America.

We devote great effort to growing, packing and shipping highest quality products ensuring food safety and sustainability – friendly environment for our customers.

Panamerican Farms Members have over 25 years of farming, sales and logistic experience and we pride ourselves on our ability to create strong partnerships and provide customers, produce with good agricultural practices and food safety for conventional and organic produce.

Each of the members of our team is a fundamental part of our chain as they bring new ideas and passion, which ensures an optimal and ethical service in each of our processes.


We are fully committed to business and agricultural practices that preserve our fields, provide a safe working environment for our associates, and safe products to consumers. Attention to detail, consistency and commitment makes our products meet the requirements of our growing customer list at a competitive price in the market.

Let’s work together and allow our experts to help you in your import / export process. Let us be part of your success.



Food safety and quality of the product are vital for Panamerican Farms. Our customers are the most important and that is why food Safety is our Number One Priority and an integral part of our entire operation.

We maintain a number of important certifications to demonstrate our commitment to food safety including:
     - PrimusGFS
     - Global Gap
     - FDA Approved
     - Local Inspections


Our experts keep a watchful eye on every phase, which includes growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, warehousing and distribution, so we can deliver the safest fresh produce to the final consumer. To achieve our high-quality standards, Panamerican Farms invest in our personnel, processes and technology constantly.

We know that food safety begins on the farm so as part of our commitment, all our farms have Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) certification and are certified by prestige’s third-party companies. This ensures the best agricultural practices are followed. We perform on-site quality assurance testing and have a skilled and engaged food safety department.

Panamerican Farms also operate in compliance with the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations.

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Eyebrow Threading




Panamerican Farms is committed to food safety, ensuring the best agricultural practices are followed in our entire operation which include growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, warehousing, and distribution.

To validate our commitment to food safety, we have several important certifications as:
     - PrimusGFS
     - Global Gap

     - Organic    

     - Local Inspections
     - FDA Approved
     - Fair Trade







All our fields have been treated under the highest quality standards in order to obtain world-class products.


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